About Me


I am a retired IT professional who stumbled into writing almost by chance. I love it with a passion. At the moment I am struggling through the first draft of a novel and have to constantly remind myself just to let the words flow and to stop fiddling with the non essentials .. anal restiveness. Other times I beat my self up and think that what I write is no good. Having read a few ‘blockbusters’ recently  that were so poorly written, I figured that perhaps I could give it a go and so here I am — The Incipient Author.

There are many tales whirring around in my head that I simply need to get down on paper. So I thought, ‘Why not start a Blog?’ and force the discipline of writing a small piece every week.I also need to concentrate on finishing the first draft of my novel, with the recognition that the work really only begins on the completion of the first draft. When I look into the future, I am not sure how or  where I will find the time. But what the hell, I am having fun

My early childhood in rural Ireland was rife with interesting and sometimes comical experiences. Having an eccentric English mother added colour and adventure to our small lives.As a young girl I came to fully understand the saying “Mad dogs and Englishmen”.

In the mid eighties , I spent four years of my professional career, in the Far East, living in Singapore and Tokyo. I travelled extensively to many parts of the Asian and Australian continents. Life there has a singular vibrancy that spills into one’s soul. It was a great privilege to have lived and worked there. I would like to share some of those experiences with you.


I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

~ Maya Angelou