The Incipient Author

The journey and not the destination

There are too many tears and not enough laughter in the world, let us change that.

Photograph by Dvorah Richler

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A Beautiful Winter Sunset from my Verandah.


I am so glad you could join me today. My dream is to fill these spaces with stories which include childhood escapades from Simpler Times, of life in rural Ireland after the Emergency, a slightly understated Irish term for World War II. The scenes for these stories are set in the then sleepy village called Lucan, situated eight miles from Dublin city centre. Back in the nineteen forties, the time the stories occurred, Lucan village had less than a thousand inhabitants, sported four churches, many public houses, three schools, one large general store, several smaller shops, a Post Office, a coffee-house, a Library and eventually a cinema. It also had a superb demesne which not only hosted hordes of visitors in the summer, but was a paradise adventure playground for the children of the locality. Two rivers the Liffey and the Griffin, ran through the village. They too provided splendid play areas for all the village children. Lucan today still boasts the Oldest Bridge in Ireland.It was built in 1210 AD during the reign of King John, King of EngLand. I am surprised it is still standing.